Sunday, October 17, 2010



as they parted ways like oceans being pushed apart by hands of Moses,
she became one in her own,
trembling with tremors of fear and anxiety
anticipating another round of scorned emotions,
although this time, the present was on her good side,
but her thoughts took hold of her oxymoronic realizations,
present cannot be "was", but the past can be "is"
and today, she came to the conclusion, that "is" is the reason dwelling perpetuates;
so she went on a mission,
eliminating failures like child-ridden games of eeny-meeny-miney-mo,
in search of a satisfying perfection,
making choices appearing selfish to some,
but in the eyes of a higher being it was a selfless endeavor,
creating personal catechisms on love and life,
struggle and strife are simply accepted as if proposed by politics in election years,
and through the hardships she removes her tears,

days passing and of course she contemplates her purpose over reasoning,
what took her so long to remove her pride from the concrete?
when did this journey turn into a saunter of exploration?
she is barefoot to feel the temporary pain of perseverance,
enlisting in lifetime sororities called education,
the motto being "it can free you",
her mantra saying "it can be you",
and the excursion of pursuit for the people,turns into a self-voyage

and ends.

Keila Dumas

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